Editor Comments:  This is a very graphic story to post as the first installment on my blog, however I feel that it is one of my best ones so far.  I woke up yesterday with this one stuck in my brain and I spent a few hours getting it out.  Please note that not all Sam stories are going to be this graphic in the future.  (Some might be though :))  I hope you enjoy!

READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!  This story contains graphic scenes that may not be suitable for some views.  Please, if you are under the age of 18, do not continue reading.  This story does contain: spanking of a minor, physical abuse, use of implements and strong language.  If you are sensitive to strong content in anyway, this page is NOT for you.

Helpful Notes: In this segment the characters are as follows; Sam is 17 years old and a senior in high school, Jordan is 45 years old and still the extremely wealthy owner/creator of Blaine LLC., Logan/Justin/Caleb are all also 17 years old and seniors in high school, El is 16 years old and a junior in high school.


It was a late Saturday evening in October.   It was around 10pm when Sam and a few guys from the baseball team had arrived to the bar in downtown Savannah.  It was like many other Saturday evenings for the 17 year old in the recent months. They went out to the bars with their fake I.D.s and did a few bumps of coke from their friend Rory in the bathroom. Then they’d have drinks and meet girls and go to an after party or roading with them.  All four of them looked older than they were, especially when they dropped money the way they did. This particular Saturday did not go as planned. It had actually gone the worst possible way that Sam could think of, aside from dying, which at the moment seemed like a better ending than this.

Sam was handcuffed and sitting against a wall outside of the bar.  His friend Logan was next to him. They had been in the bathroom doing their second bump of the night when an undercover officer grabbed them both by the scrap of their necks.  The other boys, Justin and Caleb, had promptly left when they saw their friends being escorted out in handcuffs.

Once outside, the police searched their pockets and found a rolled up 100 dollar bill in Logan’s pocket with cocaine residue on it, along with both of their fake I.D.’s.  The police then sat them down against the cold brick walls outside of the club and asked them their names. It was then that both boys realized they were not getting out of it. Sam’s hands and neck started to get hot and clammy as he realized just how much trouble he had just gotten himself into.  

As the officer put Logan into the backseat of the squad car and shut the door, Sam glanced up from the fixed point of the crack in the concrete he had been staring at for the last ten minutes.  He noticed a black truck that looked extremely familiar had pulled up in front of the club and an even more familiar man hopped out of it and started walking their way. Even with the distortion of the red and blue lights at night it was clear as day to Sam that it was the last person that he wanted to see right now, his father.  

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” Sam thought silently over and over to himself.  It was then that the gravity of the situation he was in hit him like a brick wall.  The cop, unknowing that he was about to be interrupted, reached for Sam’s forearm to stand him up.  As he turned to walk him the the other squad car, Jordan approached them. Sam’s feet froze and his gaze immediately fell firmly back to the cracked concrete beneath their feet.

The officer quickly realized why the teenager in his grasp had suddenly frozen up.  Not only did Sam look like a young version of his dad, but Jordan was also wearing the face of an extremely angry parent who was ready to murder their child.  Sam had never seen Jordan like this before and he knew he was in for an extremely unpleasant time once Jordan got his hands on him. His gaze remained on the concrete cracks and didn’t falter the slightest bit.  

“Good evening officer.  My name is Jordan Blaine and this is my son you have in handcuffs here.  Is there any chance we can have a conversation before you take him and Mr. Logan Scion there to the station?  Your lieutenant officer Jeff gave me a call and suggested I come down here and have a word with you.” Jordan said confidently without even glancing in his son’s direction. Sam could feel the all too familiar cold knot in his chest forming.  He would rather be under arrest and thrown in the slammer for a few years than be handed over to Jordan right now.

The officer looked from Jordan to Sam, and after a moment back to Jordan.  “If I could get some identification to run through the computer first that would be best.  Protocol you know.” the officer said. Jordan got his driver's license out of his wallet and handed it over.

“May I have a word with my son while you do that?” Jordan asked before the officer walked away.  Jordan had a grip on Sam’s upper arm before the officer even responded.

“Don’t go out of sight” The officer responded dutifully.

With that, Jordan abrupted pulled his son about 10 feet away from the officers and the crowd of the bar and stood between him and the street. “This is not the time to lie to me son so answer me honest right now” Jordan angrily half-whispered at his son.

“Fucking look at me” Jordan said through gritted teeth as he squeezed Sam’s arm tighter.  His son’s eyes shot up and didn’t move from his. “Were you selling Coke?”

“No absolutely not” Sam half-whispered back.

“How much did you buy”

“Two bumps”

Jordan pursed his lips and took sharp breath in response, “I’m not familiar with the terminology Samuel, wow much is that cost wise?”

“Five dollars each, so ten, ten dollars”

“Do you have any more on you”

“No sir”

“Does Logan?”

“No sir”

“Are you high right now?  Or still high?”

“No sir”, Sam swallowed hard.

“Are you sure? This isn’t the time for lying. I already know you were doing cocaine tonight.  The lieutenant is not who called me, I called him.” Jordan looked straight into his eyes, assessing his sons pupils.

“I was but it’s gone now” Sam wondered who called Jordan.

“Did you tell them anything?  Admit to anything?”

“No but they have our fake I.D.’s and a rolled up bill from Logan they got when they searched us.”

“How many times have you tried it?” Jordan asked.

Sam was quiet, this wasn’t a question he wanted to answer truthfully at all but he knew if he lied right now, his dad would be able to tell.  He could always tell when he was this mad, this close to him like this. He looked away from Jordan.

Jordan squeezed his arm even tighter, making his son wince. “Eyes.  UP. Tell me the truth.” he said annoyed.

Sam’s glance flitted up immediately.  He took a breathe before he said, “This was the fourth time” painfully as he looked into Jordans eyes.  He could see the fire in them grow hotter as he answered the question.

Jordan kept his grip on Sam’s arm and they walked back over towards the police.  Jordan motioned for Sam to sit against the wall once more. As he did, the gravity of the situation hit him again even harder.  ‘Did you tell them anything?’ He realized Jordan did not even take the time to mention how much trouble he was in or threaten him at all.  He was just trying to get him out of it. What would happen if this went on record, what if his early admission to Georgia Tech got dismissed because of this?  How was he supposed to get in to any accredited school of architecture if he had this on his record? How would he take over Blaine LLC. with no degree? Would his dad even want him to now? His arms suddenly had goosebumps all over and he felt sick to his stomach.

Sam came out of his thoughts and looked up at Jordan again.  He was talking to the officer and Sam could hear most of the conversation.  Jordan was nearly begging the officer to let his son go.

“He is a straight A student in school, he just got his early acceptance letter to Georgia Tech’s accredited school of architecture in Atlanta, he’s the varsity baseball pitcher at school and they just won the state championships last year, I coach both of these boys on the team, he worked for me all summer at my firm Blaine LLC., that’s how I know the lieutenant and chief we helped design the new police station, he even did came up with that layout concept upstairs himself, I assure you I can handle this and make sure you never catch him out here again doing anything this stupid or illegal.  I guarantee he’d personally rather go to the jailhouse with you than home with me. We could arrange community service off the books, or I can get him, shoot both of them, into after school rehab courses. I have never gotten this call before but I don’t plan to ever receive it again. I assure you he will learn his lesson and he will not be out here doing cocaine or any other drugs in a bathroom ever again.”

Sam couldn’t hear what the officer had to say back.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could feel the back of his eyes starting to burn and the last thing he wanted to do was cry in front of this officer and this club and his friend.  When he opened his eyes again the burning sensation was still there and one large tear escaped and rolled down his cheek. The handcuffs prevented him from wiping it away before anyone could see.  He stared down at the concrete.

Jordan noticed the tear running down his sons face and noted how often that didn’t happen. The officer noticed too. “I can see he is remorseful, especially listening to all the things he could potentially lose if I chose to book him and turn this in” the officer nodded towards the teenager.

“Believe me when I tell you he is the most stubborn kid that I have, it is a rare sight to see him cry outside of an ass whooping.” Jordan replied,. “And even then it takes some elbow grease.”

If Sam could have sucked his tear up right then, he would have.  He turned crimson and looked down at the cracks in the concrete between his knees. He couldn’t believe Jordan just said that to the officer, he didn't realize his dad was using it as a tactic to help get him out of this.  His entire face was hot with embarrassment.

The officer chuckled, “You don’t hear a parent say something like that anymore these days.  Most kids don’t even know what those are now it seems.”

“I was just being honest with you sir.” Jordan said back. “And trust me, this one is very familiar with them.  He’s a good kid I promise you that. He just needs straightened out and trust me I can handle that, apparently I have been slacking as a father.”

“Sounds to me like you’ve done just fine, sometimes you have to set them straight and remind them of their place in society, that’s what parents are for.  I don’t have any kids yet but he seems to be in good hands.” The officer said. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll hold onto the paper work and if you take him home and set him straight and send me a copy proving completion of a six-meeting substance abuse course within the next eight weeks, then I will throw the paperwork out. Same goes for Mr. Scion, if you’d be kind enough to take him home to his parents tonight and also get him to complete the substance abuse course, then we will throw his out as well.” The officer said.

Jordan let out a sigh of relief and shook the officers hand. “Thank you so much officer.  Here’s my card if you’d shoot me an email at work, I can get your contact information and get these two into courses as soon as possible.

The officer stood Sam up and took off his hand cuffs. “You have one mighty fine father to come all the way out here and take care of you this late on a Saturday night.” he said as he did so.
“Eyes” Jordan firmly said from aside the conversation.  Sam looked up at the officer and made eye contact, realizing he was looking at the cracks in the concrete yet again.

“Thank you sir, you are saving my future when you didn’t have to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you.” Sam said back as he made very direct eye contact with the officer.

The other officer helped Logan out of the squad car and took off his handcuffs as well.  
Logan looked from the officers, to Sam, to Jordan, with a confused but relieved look on his face.  He hadn’t been able to hear any of the conversation from inside the squad car.

“Hey Coach” Logan nodded to Jordan as he was led over, looking everywhere except directly at Jordan.  He said it so casually that Sam wanted to smack him upside his head himself. He didn’t want Logan making Jordan any madder than he already was.

“I say this to Sam all the time so I’m going to say it to you as well, eyes up.  These officers and I are your elders and right now you’re at our mercy so eyes up and show us some respect.  Also right now your best bet would be to refer to me as sir, same goes for the officers as they are being kind enough to let me take you home right now to your parents and are only requiring that you take a course in substance abuse as they will leave this off your permanent record if you do so.  I don’t have to take you home, I could let them book you and they could deny my right to drop you off so you might want to think about that before you say anything else.” Jordan laid into him.

Logan’s eyes darted up and he felt the anger radiating off his coach as he was speaking.  He’d seen him lay into Sam time and time again before practice about something from home, but he’d never been on the receiving end of it and it had never been something so serious.  Jordan was strict on the field with all of his players, yes, but nothing like this. He had never seen Jordan in the middle of a boil before. He thought he had, but he had not. He quickly straightened up his act and was suddenly glad to go home to his own parents soon. “Yes sir, thank you sir.”

“Do you have anything to say to these officers Scion?” Jordan asked firmly.

“Yes sir. Thank you officers, this is really so appreciated.” He said, making fluttering eye contact with the officer.

Jordan dug his keys out of his pocket and used the fob to unlock his Sierra, “Both of you get in the truck” he commanded.  Both boys quickly disappeared into the vehicle.

“Thank you again officers.  You’ll both be receiving a thank you from my office tomorrow and then emails with two forms of completion in the near future.”

“No problem Mr. Blaine.  Big difference in attitude between those two.”

“At least now you know which one belongs to me.” Jordan smiled back as he walked off and got into the driver seat of his truck.

As he got into his truck, it was silent.  Jordan couldn’t hear either boy even breathing.  He started the ignition and drove off towards Logan’s parents home without saying anything.

Jordan glanced over at Sam and could see his son chomping on his bottom lip.  He knew exactly how much trouble he was in. Jordan glanced in his rearview mirror at Logan in the backseat.  He was quietly staring at his hands.

“Logan you’re going to have to tell me where your parents live.  I know it’s somewhere on the way to the Gates but I’m not too sure where.”

“They live in Pine Gardens area sir.” He spoke up from the backseat.

Jordan took a deep breath.  He was more than ready to lay into his son but he wasn’t completely sure how to handle Logan.  Sam and him had never really been close friends the way he and Justin were, and he didn’t know his parents well at all.

“Sam and I are going to have a long conversation once I drop you off, but Logan I just wanted to make sure you know how lucky you are that those officers let you off the hook tonight.” Jordan said.

Logan swallowed in the backseat.  In complete honesty, Jordan scared the hell out of most everyone on the team. They loved him and they joked around with him a lot, but they knew how serious he takes respect and obedience.  He remembered back to Sophomore year when Sam got to practice an hour late because he had been in detention with Justin. Jordan told them they had to run sprints for being late. Jordan had always done that as a punishment for tardiness on the team but that specific day Sam was in a horrible mood, they may have already been at each other earlier that morning he wasn’t sure, but Sam mouthed off to Jordan.  The two of them got into it right there on the field for a couple rounds of shouting before Sam word-for-word told Jordan to ‘go fuck himself’ in front of everyone. Jordan practically carried Sam off the field by his arm and put him into his truck and they left for the day, the assistant coaches had to finish the practice. That was just one instance that came to mind when he thought of Jordan laying into Sam. He could remember worse times, including more than once when Sam mouthed off in the dugout and Jordan had backhandedly popped him in the mouth in front of everyone.  Every time something like that happened, the entire team would straighten up around Jordan for the rest of the day, not wanting to get on his bad side.

“Yes sir.” Was all Logan could muster.

“You’re not my kid, and this isn’t my place, I just want to make sure you know this could have ruined the rest of your life.  You guys are seniors this year, and you’re applying for colleges and if not college then jobs. This would not have looked good on your record.  It could have prevented either of those things from happening.”

“You’re right coach, I mean sir.  It won’t happen again, I am so sorry.  My mom is going to have my head when we get there.” Logan said, feeling immature and dumb for his actions earlier that evening.
The rest of the ride was silent, Sam never even said one word.  They pulled into Logan’s house and Jordan made both Logan and Sam get out with him.  When he knocked on the door, Logan’s mom answered and Jordan made Logan explain to her the events of the night himself.  She started yelling at him on the spot and called for his dad to join them at the door, he also yelled at his son. Jordan proceeded to tell her about the substance abuse classes and gave Logan’s mother his business card to email him in regards to it.  When they were done they said their goodbyes and walked back towards the car. They could hear Logan’s parents yelling from the front yard.

As Sam was opening the door and began to get in, Jordan started in on him.

“I just don’t understand how you could be so STUPID to do cocaine at 17 years old.  When have I ever given you the idea that cocaine was a smart choice? Please let me know because I seem to have missed the part where you learned that it was a good decision.”

Sam didn’t respond.  He just looked forward out the front windshield.  Jordan repeated himself.

“When did you decide that doing cocaine was an acceptable choice to make? Samuel Andrew I am asking you a question and you better fucking answer it.” Jordan said loudly.

“Other guys were doing it.  I never thought it was safe I just thought since they were doing it, it would be fine if I did it, and then I did it and it was fun so I thought I would do it again.”  Sam said very quietly.

Jordan shook his head, “I raised you to be smarter than that.  I don’t even think we need to have a discussion about this right now.  You KNOW what they were doing was wrong. You understand that you could have lost everything you have right?  You could have gotten kicked out of school, you could have lost your acceptance letter to Georgia Tech, you could have been removed from the baseball team, you could have been denied entrance to even junior colleges because of this.  You laid everything on the line for a little blow. Which I know I am ultimately the one who paid for it considering you’ve been unemployed since August. Being in school full time and getting the good grades you do while also being a full time athlete it is acceptable for you to be unemployed.  You’re welcome for having a family that can support you enough to provide that luxury. Give me your credit card.”

Sam got his wallet out of his back pocket and handed the plastic over to his father.  Money was the last thing on his mind right now.

“If you need food you can get it at the house, if you want money for movies or even gas in your truck you can ask me and I will find a job for you to do to earn it.  I’m not giving you free money to spend it on cocaine like an idiot. I will not support you doing that.”

“Yes sir”, Sam replied quietly.

The rest of the ride home was in silence.  As they pulled into their driveway, Sam noticed the number of cars in their driveway.  They had valets retrieving and parking cars for guests and Sam suddenly remembered what tonight was.

“Tonight was the your collaborators dinner wasn’t it.” Sam said, ashamed.

“You mean the one that you were supposed to be at by 6:30?  Yes it was.” Jordan said sternly. “I had to leave in the middle of it to go find my son though, who was doing cocaine in a bar bathroom.”

“Why didn’t you call me?” Sam asked.

Jordan stopped the truck in the middle of the driveway.  “Why didn’t I call you? Are you kidding me. This is something you’re supposed to want to attend, at least if you were any kind of serious about taking over the company some day.  Important people were ready to meet you. Instead they’re in there meeting your sister, who by the way, heard you were getting arrested and told me out of concern. She heard it through the grapevine, she didn’t know if you were even OK, so I don’t want to hear one thing about you being mad at her tomorrow or any other day for telling me.  You wouldn’t be going to college next year if she hadn’t told me, you’d have this as a permanent black mark on your record.”

“I didn’t mean it like that I just meant..” Sam began.

“No I know exactly what you meant Samuel.  You are not meeting them now, not tonight. Most of them are still there awaiting my return, there are tents and an open bar out back.  You smell like liquor and sweat, you are not going in there tonight.” Jordan said angrily.

Jordan began driving again and instead of pulling up to the front of the house, he drove through the side yard to the barn/gym/hangout building and parked behind it.  They were completely out of view from all the guests. Sam’s cold knot in his chest came rushing back. His hopes of not having to be alone with Jordan tonight had skyrocketed when he saw how busy his house was.  This had just killed it.

Jordan shut off the truck and got out.  Sam slowly followed his lead. Jordan used the keypad entry to enter in the code to the back door.  As he opened it he flicked on the lights, once Sam was also inside he locked the door behind him. The last thing they needed was someone from the company walking in on Jordan beating the ass of the future of the company.  Sam was getting goosebumps on his arms again. Sam followed Jordan into the game room, which consisted of three leather couches, a flatscreen tv, a PS4, a foosball table and an air hockey table.

“I’m done talking.  You know what you did, you know why you shouldn’t have done it, and you know how stupid it was.  I would never have expected you to do something so immature and outright bad. I have never thought you were a bad kid, but tonight you have shown me that you have it in you.  I am so disgusted by your behavior and disappointed in you that it isn’t even funny. You should be absolutely ashamed Sam of yourself and your behavior. I raised you better than this, I know I did.  I know you knew this was the wrong choice to make and for some reason you made it four. fucking. times.”

“Yes sir” Sam responded.  He felt as if those were the only two words in his vocabulary right now.

“Repeat them back to me, just to reassure me that you aren’t as dumb as your decisions.  Why shouldn’t you have done cocaine Sam, not just tonight but ever. I know you smoke pot sometimes and I look past it and let it slide when you come home smelling like a skunk.  Why? Because that is normal behavior for someone your age and your grades haven’t slipped so I assumed that you were smart and mature enough to handle something like that. I participated in things like that in college and I was able to maintain good grades as well so I thought you know maybe calming down a little was helping you out.  But this, this is outrageous. This is the kind of behavior that not only ruins your life but also gets you killed. So please, assure me that you understood this before you made the decision to do it. What are the reasons you shouldn’t have done cocaine Samuel? And if you take one more step away from me I’m going to get really close to you really fast.”

Sam looked at his father and held his breath, he had been maintaining a safe distance between them without even noticing it. Jordan had been getting progressively angrier as they got inside.  He took a tiny step towards him, fearing Jordan would make good on his threat if he didn’t.

“I shouldn’t have done it because it is a mind altering substance, one that is made in unsafe facilities and distributed though unregulated means.  It could have cost me not only my acceptance to Georgia Tech but also my life had I gotten the wrong batch of it. I knew better. I really did.” Sam replied honestly.

Sam couldn’t tell if his response made Jordan any madder or not.  Jordan took a deep breath and said, “You knew this was coming then, and you chose to make that decision anyway.”

Jordan walked over to the couch and pulled it away from the wall a couple of feet, pivoting it toward the middle of the room.  He took a couple pillows out of the cabinet by the tv and put them over the arm of the sofa.

“Everything around your ankles, bend over the couch, put your hips on the pillows.  I want your ass in the air. ”

Goosebumps covered his entire body as he faced the punishment he long knew was coming.  He faced the couch and pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles as he laid over the pillows.  He didn’t even feel humiliated by his position so much as he did by his stupidity. He didn’t even like the high, he did cocaine more socially than he did for himself.  

Jordan pulled his belt out of the loops with a swish and doubled it over. “This is for doing coke the first time.” Jordan said as the first crack of the belt landed on the left cheek of Sam’s exposed ass.  

It was the first of many.  Jordan continued to rain hard swats down on only the left side of Sam’s butt, sit spot and upper legs, thoroughly covering every inch of the left side of his sons backside.  Sam had burrowed his head into one of the throw pillows and hadn’t moved since he started with the exception of stiffening and crossing his legs shortly after the assault began.  By the time Jordan stopped, that side of his butt had received at least 50 swats and was now a deep shade of cherry red. The only sign that Sam had felt anything was his death grip on the pillow under his face.

Jordan swifted moved to the left side of the couch, positioning himself for the right, untouched, side of Sam’s butt. “This is for doing coke the second time” and with that a new onslaught began.

The room was filled only with swishes and whaps as Jordan went to work on the right side of Sam’s butt, sit spot, and upper legs.  He carried on, thoroughly spreading the swats out across the entire right side. Sam continued to remain quiet as Jordan’s belt laid into him.  Jordan had his black YSL belt on, it was heavier than some of his other belts as it was real leather. His son picked the wrong night to get the whipping of his life, Jordan thought to himself, as it was definitely one of the more painful ones Jordan owned. He didn’t hold back though, he knew this was a lesson he had to drive home.  He had to make sure his son didn’t do cocaine again.

When Jordan was done with the right side, it matched the left one.  After the second set of 50 swats, both sides of Sam’s butt were now glowing red.  Sam tried to push himself up off the couch but Jordan gently pushed him back down. “How many times did you try cocaine Sammy?” Jordan said firmly in an even tone.

Sam sunk into the arm of the sofa and the pillow with all of his weight.  Knowing the answer meant they were only halfway through with his punishment.

“Answer me please” Jordan ordered.

Sam turned his head out of the pillow just enough to be audible. His voice cracked as he answered, “Four times”

“You can push through it.  Just remember why you’re here and learn from it.” Jordan said with a small amount of guilt. He pulled his emotions together.  “This is for doing coke a third time.”

With that, Jordan’s belt came down on the middle of Sam’s sit spot.  Over and over and over again the belt collided with his sit spot on the left and right sides of his butt.  Jordan worked his way left to right, up a little and down a little, and back right to left all over his sons sit spots, leaving no inch of it untouched.  It didn’t take long before Sam’s body started jumping with the swats. He straightened his legs out and tried his best to keep his toes on the ground so he wouldn’t kick Jordan but that was just sliding his body down and out of position.

“Get back in position Sam” Jordan commanded sternly, punctuating his sentence with a swat to his lower back, which was now where his ass was supposed to be.  Sam winced at the lash and quickly got back into place.

Jordan continued with the belt.  The swats were all overlapping and Sam’s backside was on fire.  Sam’s silent tears had been rolling since Jordan started in on his sit spot.  Jordan had never tore him up the way he was tonight. He could feel every inch on his ass was on fire and the belt just kept adding on to it.  Sam put his sleeve up to his mouth and bit down on it. He had chewed on his bottom lip so much that it was now bleeding and his white shirt was getting stained as he replaced his lip with it.  Jordan put his hand on the small of Sam’s back and picked up the pace and force of his swats, laying the last 30 swats on the very center of his son’s sit spot. Sam’s butt would have no doubt came off the chair had Jordan’s hand not been holding him in place.  His jeans were now in a pile on the floor from his frantic legs and his crying was audible.

Jordan let go of his son and dropped his belt on the floor. “Stay there.” He said as he walked over to the PS4 and undid one of the cords from the back of the console and unplugged it from the wall.

Sam peeked up as his dad did so and began to panic, “Dad please, please dad don’t use that, please, dad” He said as he started to push himself up out of position.

“STAY IN POSITION SAMUEL” Jordan bellowed as he stood up from in front of the console.

“Please dad, you can’t use that..” Sam begged as he scrambled to get his rear end back over the sofa.

Jordan walked back over to his son with the cord in hand, “Don’t you even start telling me what I can and cannot do.  I will do what I feel I have to, and if this cord means you won’t do COCAINE again, then I am going to use it. Stay in position until I tell you to move.  Cross your ankles.” And with that he grabbed Sam by the shirt between his shoulder blades and pulled him more than half a foot further onto the couch, successfully raising his ass as high in the air on the pillows as possible.  

“Dad please dad you.. pplease ddad…” Sam began to beg as Jordan doubled the cord and raised the loop high into the air.  He brought it crashing down onto the center of his sons raw ass.

“YeOWWEE, dad please dad dad” Sam continued as the cord lit a brand new fire in him.  Jordan placed his hand on Sam’s back and continued, bringing the cord down again.

“HOLY SH-OWWE dad please stop dad” Sam’s hands flew back to try and protect his rear end.  Jordan wasted no time in capturing them and holding them down to the small of his back.

“I told you to stay in position!”  Jordan yelled as he brought the cord down onto his son’s ass over and over in quick succession.  All of Sam’s self control had left the building as his dad continued to bring the cord down with such force on his ass, sit spot, thighs and occasionally his legs.  He was shouting, crying, kicking and fighting to get up. After some time, he stopped shouting and fighting and gave in to just crying as his body only jumped with each blow, occasionally accompanied by a whine. To finish with good measure, Jordan readjusted his grip on the small of Sam’s back, grabbing his hands, and sliding them up as far as Sam’s body would allow them onto his upper back and gave him the final 15 swats of the cord with all the force he could.  Sam’s body came back to life with new vigor as Jordan worked the worst swats down from Sam’s bent arms and back, to his thoroughly bruised ass and sit spot, all the way down to his thighs and calves. Jordan had to stop in the middle of them to put his son’s ankles under his legs to hold them down.

When Jordan finished he threw the cord onto the coffee table and stood with his hands on his head for a few moments.  He looked at his son who was sobbing into the sofa cushions, his backside a display of red and purple bruises, with marks from the belt and lines from the cord.  His arms were still on his back and Jordan could see a line from the cord forming across his forearms and elbows. His legs had multiple lines from the cord as well.  It looked painful and Jordan felt bad, but he’d rather his son be hurting from this than dead from an overdose. He hoped he’d never had to do it again.

Jordan walked out of the room into the open basketball court and made his way up the stairs to the gym over the game room.  He opened one of the lockers and grabbed a pair of Sam’s sweatpants that he keeps in there for after workouts and brought them downstairs.  He sat down on the coffee table facing his son, who still hadn’t moved except to put his hands under his face. He laid the sweatpants on the table beside him and leaned down and put his forehead to his son’s temple.

“I hated every moment of that.  I know it’s hard to believe it even though I did it, but I don’t want to do that to you.  I love you Sammy. I just want the best for you. When Ella told me you’d been found doing cocaine in the bathroom of that bar she was in tears, she didn’t know if they’d found you doing it or if they’d found you doing too much of it.  It scared us. I didn’t know what I was going to find when I got there. That was the most irresponsible thing you could have done next to heroin or any similar hard drugs Sam. Please, do not ever do that again. Please think of this next time someone offers it to you.  All you have to do is say no thank you. Tell them you get drug tested at work with me if you have to. Just don’t put yourself in a situation like that again.” With that Jordan ran his fingers over his sons back, being careful to miss the lines from the cord. He could feel his son calming down and his breaths beginning to even out.

After a few minutes Sam mustered a calm and quiet “I’m so sorry dad, I should have known better.”

“It’s okay Sammy, you’ve paid for it, you learned your lesson, we’re squared away.  I just love you too much to let this go without harsh punishment like that. I hope you learned from this.
“I’m never touching any drugs again in my life.” Sam said with half a smile.  He was still in there.

Jordan handed him his sweatpants.  “Here put these on.” You can throw your jeans in the gym laundry hamper before we lock up.

Sam’s face fell. “You’re not making me meet anyone like this are you??” He said in a very worried tone.

“Absolutely not.  You can sneak up the staircase outside onto the balcony of my bedroom. The only person you’ll have to walk past are the valet and anyone leaving.” Jordan said as he scooped up Sam’s jeans and underwear and walked out to put them in the hamper.

Sam sighed in relief and said “Thank goodness, you scared me” as got up and put on the sweatpants gingerly.  He winced as the fabric brushed against his severely punished butt. Every step he took, the fabric brushed his skin, bringing the fire back to life.  He took a deep breath as Jordan walked back into the room.

Jordan noticed his son struggling to walk without wincing, “All you have to do is get into your bedroom and shut your door and you can take those off.  Your mother and I will knock before we come in tonight.”

As they walked up to the house, the valets called to Jordan, welcoming him home.  They also said hello to Sam, having seen him before at multiple events that his dad hosted.  Jordan explained to them that Sam had come down with the flu and was coming home from urgent care as he didn’t feel well.  Sam put his hand on his forehead as to emphasis that point. Jordan walked his son to the staircase on the side of the house and handed him his key. As he did so, one of his most active clients walked around the corner.  Jordan gave Sam a gentle nudge up the first couple steps of stairs as he spoke “Mr. Paisley, how nice to see you tonight. I apologize for my absence this evening, my son Sam had to go to urgent care as he wasn’t feeling well.  How was the dinner this even? They told me the salmon was supposed to be to die for.”

Sam went up the steps without turning around and slipped quickly inside.  He knew he didn’t want to meet any of his dad’s clients in sweatpants, no less with his face as messy as it currently was. As he went through his parents room he noticed a suit hanging up in the bathroom doorway.  It was his size. His dad had purchased it to surprise him with it before the dinner this evening. Sam felt horrible again, having ruined such an important night.

He quietly cracked the door to his parents room and peered out.  One of his dad’s security guards was standing in front of his office door.  It was Tyler, who happened to be the one Jordan had around most often. He was only about 23 which made him awkwardly younger than half of Jordan’s kids.  Sam didn’t like him very much, as he snitched on him more than any of the other security guards combined. He’d witnessed more than one of the Jordan-Sam blow out fights included a few that got Sam slapped across the face or loudly threatened.  He had once been driving Jordan and Sam to the airport in the Escalade when the argument they were having escalated to the two of them all out yelling at each other. Jordan had ordered Tyler to pull over on the side of the interstate where he then quickly jumped out of the car and pulled Sam out of the backseat.  Jordan was so mad he didn’t even shut the door as he took his belt off and even cracked it once across Sam’s backside, threatening to go the whole nine yards if Sam didn’t shut his mouth. Thankfully, Sam had enough sense to shut up after that. Tyler was also a raging dickhead when Jordan wasn’t around, and Sam knew he was going to know exactly what happened when he saw Sam.  Sam knew Tyler had signed a NDA to work this closely for Jordan though, so at least he knew he wouldn’t tell anyone.

Sam walked out of his parents bedroom and quietly shut the door behind him.  He didn’t look over at Tyler as he walked past, and he tried to walk as normally as he possibly could at the time, which hurt like hell.  As he got within five feet of his bedroom door, he heard Tyler say, “Daddy has been gone for almost two hours, and when he returns it’s with his perpetually misbehaving son who he sneaks in the backdoor.  Sounds like you two had a really fun evening. I can only imagine how proud of you he probably isn’t tonight.”

Normally, Sam would have something to say back.  He may even think about making some poor choices from a comment like that.  Instead, he continued to his bedroom, went inside and shut the door without saying anything.  Once inside he didn’t even turn on the light and immediately dropped his sweatpants onto the floor and crawled straight into bed, leaving the sheets off his body.

As he laid there in the dark he could feel the sting of his butt more and more.  He put him hand back and felt the rawness of his skin. He could feel the welts and the heat radiating off of it.  It was going to be bruised for the next week if not more. His sit spot burned like crazy as he touched it, forcing a wince as his hand passed over it..  He ran his hand down his leg and could feel the welted lines from the cord on his calf, those had hurt pretty bad at the time but he only felt the slightest sting there now.  He put his hand on his forearm and could feel the lines going up. They had to be bright red, there was no way Tyler didn’t notice them before he made that comment.

It was then that Sam heard the knock on his bedroom door.  He pulled his bedding over his lower half, wincing, and said, “Come in”.  

It was his mom, who no doubt had been waiting for his arrival.  She handed Sam a Gatorade and a few Advil PM. Jordan would be pissed if he knew she brought him some pain relievers tonight.  His dad was all about “learning the full lesson” and did not approve of giving Sam painkillers after a punishment, he said it defeated the whole purpose of it.

“Thanks” Sam said as he propped himself up on his stomach and opened the Gatorade.  He popped the Advil and downed half of the drink.

Elizabeth watched as her son took the medicine and noticed the looped line on the back of his bicep.  He hated when Jordan did that. She didn’t like his method of punishing Sam but she hated when he left marks anywhere other than on his butt.  She worried he’d taken it too far tonight, she knew he was really hard on Sam sometimes.

“Do your legs look like that too?” She asked, concerned.
Sam groaned and pulled the bed sheets over his head. He wasn’t going to tell her anything about it.  Any time he ever did that, she went to him and it just made him mad at Sam for “whining to her for sympathy”.

“Thank you for the medicine, Mom.” He said from under the covers.  “I’m really tired now.”

“Goodnight sweetie. I love you.  We’re going to church in the morning, your dad may wake you up for it.  Just a warning in case he does.” And with that she shut the door.

He glanced at the alarm clock on his nightstand and realized it was past 1am.  He hadn’t noticed how tired he was until now. With the help of the Advil PM he quickly drifted off to sleep, only to be awaken by Jordan at 8am for church at 9:30am.  Oh what fun it was going to be, sitting on a hard church pew for over an hour. Spare the rod, spoil the child? Jordan would never.


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